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Third in Series
Region of Mendoza, Uco Valley,

The Tupungato sub-region of the Uco Valley is riding high in more ways than one. Uco Valley is the all the rage with wine tourists, and Tupungato's uber-high vineyards are all the rage in Uco. 

Previously, all the wine hoopla centered around areas closer to Mendoza city. Well, that horse has left the barn now. Uco Valley is the new "It" region. Spectacular wines, both white and red, are coming out of the high-altitude vineyards in Tupungato and its four sub-districts. Argentina's hot climate necessitates lofty vineyards, some of which reach heights of 4,600 ft. The vinous results, culled from a perfect balance of cool nights and intense sunlight, make it worth the climb. 

Join us for the climb
June 21, 2017
6 - 8 p.m. 
What better way to travel than through the lense of wine?

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