(Served Thursday - Saturday 4pm to Close)

Cheese & Charcuterie
Smoked Gouda, Triple-cream Brie, House made Pimento Cheese and two Seasonal Cheeses
Hard salami, Pepperoni, Grilled Country Ham and One Seasonal Meat. 
Served with local jams, compotes, house mixed nuts, seasonal fruits, a small house pickle jar and bread basket.
Small $13
Large $24
Cheese & Charcuterie
Small $18
Large $29
Sweet Potato Jo Jo’s $8
Roasted till caramelized then battered up, deep fried extra crisp skins tossed in our house blend of spices & garden herbs. Served with a brown butter apple dipping sauce.
Truffle Home Fries $8
Roasted then toasted (twice baked).  Battered up & deep fried extra crispy.  Tossed in our house seasoning & parmesan.  Paired with heirloom tomato, beer BBQ sauce & sour cream.
Chef B’s Vegan Buffalo Wings $8
 Fresh cauliflower dredged in house veggie stock then seasoned battered, deep fried crispy and tossed in vegan buffalo sauce
Served with carrots and celery.
Our House Pickle Jar $6
This is a sample of every pickle we have in house served with a fresh seaweed salad and apple wedges.
House Made Pimento Cheese $8
Chefs B’s special 4 cheese recipe served with lady olives,  lemon wedges and a bread basket of crackers and grilled toast.
Small Plates & Tapas
Cup of soup
Tomato Bisque or Miso Soup $5
Both paired with crispy toast points 
Creamy Mushroom & Gouda Polenta $8
Creamy buttered polenta infused with aged Gouda topped with wild mushrooms and spring onions.
Margarette Pizza $10
Crushed house made tomato red sauce, fresh mozzarella, Roma tomatoes and fresh basil.
The Umami Salad $10
Fresh spring mix topped with a cilantro basil dressing paired with red onion, Fiji apples, pickled daikon, & fresh sea weed salad. Topped with crispy fried shallots and garlic!
Chili Avocado Fritters with Salsa Fresco $10
Avocado melon balls tempera flash fried, dusted with chili and lime zest on a bed of gazpacho and greens topped with salsa fresco
Entree of the Weekend
(Subject to Change)
The Classic Cuban $14
Grilled then shaved mojo pork lion, sweet Spanish ham, yellow mustard ,dill pickles ,swiss  cheese, pressed extra crispy with a side of yuca cakes and mojo
Sweet Treats
Cold Brew Dark Chocolate Lava Cake $9
A molten hot lava cake filled with cold brew infused dark chocolate then served with Morello cherries, chocolate filled fresh raspberries and chocolate mint leaves.
Fuji Apple and Buttermilk Bread Pudding $9
Shaved apples, Mexican cinnamon, butter white bread and a warm milky caramel sauce.
Lychee Beignets $9
A warm pocket of beignet dough filled with a lychee and flash fried paired coconut carmel sauce and lime zest

(Sample Menu Items may and do change weekly)