Private Events

The Wine Bar, Upstairs
Our loft bar offers a casual, yet tasteful atmosphere for events from corporate meetings, to private parties, to gatherings of family & friends. Booking is available.  (Call us to schedule!)

Wine Tasting Receptions 
Upon arrival, you and your guests will be greeted with a glass of sparkling wine. Different styles of wine will be poured for your enjoyment & upon your request, wine specialists will also tell the story of each wine poured. Artisanal cheese and charcuterie are paired with each wine. The atmosphere is extremely social & completely casual. These tastings can be scheduled for parties of 10-40 guests & will last for  a maximum of 2-hours. 

In Home/Off-Site Services
Let us handle the wine! Depending on your needs, our wine specialist offer their services to assist in everything from planning to pouring. Make the night memorable with a private tasting in your home.   


Customer Wine Profiles
It's hard to always remember the wines you've had before. We'll help! Setting up a customer profile at The Wine House will keep track of purchases so your favorite wines can be quickly found & repurchased!

Wine Education 
Wine education classes are beginning! Please contact us to sign up for these informative classes.
In store sign-up also available

Wine Specialists 
Wine specialists are available to help you select the perfect wine for gifts, festive gatherings & meal pairings.  Let us take the guesswork out of wine!

Wine Collection
If you're a collector or want to start, we can offer our expertise in private collection consultation.  Whether collecting for fun or building a long-term investment, we can help build a collection that's distinct and specific to your needs.

Please Contact Us
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